Why is my shopping cart empty after I go back into it once I’ve been away for awhile?


Our system cleans out shopping carts ever 30 days.  If you want it to keep longer, you need to add it to your wish list within the product page.  Then, you can easily move it from the wish list into the shopping cart when you are ready.  If it is within 30 days, the cart relies on a “cookie” on your computer (a small piece of information) to link your computer to your specific shopping cart session saved on our server.  If you are at a different computer, the cookie is not there, and it can’t link to your shopping cart session.  Or, if you are at the same computer, but your browser is set to clear cookies once you close your browser (or your system is setup to not allow cookies at all), then you will not be able to re-capture your shopping cart contents.