Why does my credit card show that the charge went through, when it rejected my card at checkout (or I received a call from Minimus that it was rejected)?

We use the leading credit card processing company, Authorize.net. We require address verification (AVS), but when the address entered on the order does not exactly match the billing address on the card, the charge is rejected by Authorize.net. Unfortunately, it is temporarily accepted by the credit card company, and it takes 1-4 days for the charge to be removed from the credit card by the issuing credit card company. This includes multiple attempts to charge the card, where each is rejected, and each attempt is temporarily logged by the credit card company as a legitimate charge (for 1-4 days). Unfortunately, this is a general problem with automated online credit card transactions with every processing company, and the only way to clear the charges on the customer's card is for Minimus to manually notify the credit card company that the charges were rejected and then they can be cleared immediately. We are hoping that the banking technology soon finds a way to rectify this occasional problem.