Is everything fresh?

We carefully monitor the listed dates on the products and have a system in our warehouse to constantly track each 
item.  We do not sell food past its expiration date; however, there are some foods that list "best by," "use by," "sell 
by," or similar types of dates, which are advisories and not expirations. Technically, neither the FDA nor the USDA
require food (with the exception of infant formula) to have any dating on it, expiration or otherwise; however, we 
choose not to list food items on the website that are past the listed "expiration" date, or those that we feel may be 
unsafe for any reason.

For products that are coming close to their listed "best by" date, we separate out the close-dated or past-dated 
inventory from the newer inventory that has a longer shelf life, and we make a second listing of the product on our 
website and put this listing and its inventory in the clearance category of our website.  We are careful to 
mention the "best by" date in the product description of the clearance item so customers can choose if they want 
the regular or clearance option of the item.